the wind tunnel company spray drift wind tunnel

The Wind Tunnel Company (formerly known as Engineering Systems International) specializes in wind tunnels and wind-tunnel-related services and products.  In addition to engineering consultation, we design, manufacture, install and calibrate wind tunnels and wind tunnel accessories.  These accessories include positioning systems, force sensors, smoke generator systems, pressure measurement systems and data acquisition and control (DAC) systems.

The Wind Tunnel Company is located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, and is a division of Eagle Engineering Corporation™. Eagle specializes in electric motor drives and motion control.  They also design and fabricate specialty mechanical systems such as automated rod cutters and conveyor systems.  Together, we have decades’ of experience and a wide array of resources. Contact us for more information.

Check out our most recent project.  In this video, the flow circuit is being test-fit at our fabrication shop prior to paint and window installation.