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What type of wind tunnel is required?
Open CircuitClosed CircuitBlow DownFree JetBoundary LayerTandem Test SectionSpray DriftOther

How will the proposed wind tunnel be used primarily?
EducationLaboratory ActivitiesResearchProduct Design/DevelopmentProbe CalibrationOther

What is the approximate size of the required wind tunnel test section? Or, what is the size of the largest unit that will be tested in the wind tunnel?

If there a requirement for the centerline height of the test section? If yes, what is it?

What is the maximum velocity requirement in the test section?

Please describe dimensionally the room in which the wind tunnel will reside. In terms of installation, we will need to understand the access to this room. Pictures can be helpful.

What kind of power is available to run the wind tunnel in this room? Volts/Hz/Phase

What other equipment will be used with this wind tunnel? Balance, model positing system, PIV system...

Are there any budgetary or scheduling requirements related to this project that The Wind Tunnel Company should be aware of?

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